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     Bam. Ca y est, je me suis enfin penchée sur mon nouveau site que j'espère créer à 100%... ou disons 50% si je bute vraiment sur le code. Car je veux du responsive, et du design léché... et que je suis incapble de coder une telle chose!
      Et puisque l'époque est formidable, avant d'investir (mon immense fortune, erhm...) les yeux fermés, autant mettre la main à la pâte et faire la cour à notre cher Google à base de "create own website responsive without code", qui pour l'instant tient ses promesses. Reste à voir jusqu'où je pourrai aller.
Car plus le rendu est complexe (parallaxe, trigger, responsive), plus on doit se rapprocher de la véritable programmation. Je connais grosso-modo la construction logique de tout ce charabia, mais j'ai néanmoins de gros doutes. Patience il me faudra!
Avez-vous déjà utilisé un de ces sites? Qu'est ce que ça a donné?

EN// Boom. Here we are, I finaly started working on my new website I hope building it all... or let's say 50% if I really struggle on the coding part. Because I want responsive, and sweet design... and that I am incompetent to code such a thing!
And because we live a crazy epoch, before investing (my vast wealth, erhm..) eyes shut, let's dive and charm our lovely Google with sweet words like "create own website responsive without code", which seems to deliver the goods. We will see how far I can go. Because more complex the design is (prallax, trigger, responsive), more closer we are to real programmation. I almost understand the logical construction of the language, but doubts are numerous. Patience I will need!
Have you ever use any of these website? What did it lead you to?

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  1. Hahaha, I know what you mean! I worked on creating a website for the boyfriend, maaaaaaaaan, it was awful, I hate coding, haven't touched it ever since! :D Hope you have a better experience, can't wait to see the new website!

    1. Damn, you did it the real-legit way! You have my respect, it seems so complicated with all the new features required and the several languages! I may have found a nice website which is helping me to put it all right, but next step is pay-for-it time to put it online with more than 2 pages. Not the best step!
      Thank for the comment ;)

  2. Salut Audrey, I have just found your lovely blog ....I struggled with the same problems building websites and eshops with little or no coding experience. Try squarespace.com - it creates beautiful templates that are easily modified with just a little coding, which I learnt through online tutorials. If I can make them, you can. Check it out.
    Bonne courage x


    1. Salut Laura! Ah, en effet j'avais vu passer ce site. Le prix est raisonnable en plus, j'aurais du fouiller cela un peu plus, il a l'air très pratique en effet (bien joué pour avoir maitrisé la bête alors)! Merci pour cette info.
      Bonne journée =)

  3. Building your own website can be a pretty difficult task, especially if you are not quite familiar with the coding process. That’s why other people result to using readymade layouts from the internet. Anyway, good luck on the site, and thanks for sharing!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine

    1. Exactly! And we must admit some of the readymade layouts are really well done, but it misses the personnal part indeed ;)
      Thanks =)


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