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     J'ai un problème.
     J'aime trop de styles, trop de choses. Je suis plurielle.
     Et je me dis souvent qu'il est bien plus simple d'évoluer sereinement, efficacement quand on a un style particulier. Un intérêt tel qu'on s'y enferme. Et ainsi la qualité suit plus rapidement quand on évolue sur une chose précise.
     Si je suivais mes envies, j'apprendrais pendant 2 jours comment coder, puis 2 jours tous les trucs et astuces Illustrator, puis 2 jours à tatooer, puis 2 jours à observer des données Astronomiques, puis 2 jours à fabriquer un meuble, puis 2 jours à diriger un shooting photo éditorial, puis 2 jours à maquetter un beau livre, etc..

     Alors quand les workshops pour aider les créatifs commencent par: identifie ton style, qu'est ce que te rend unique, je me dis que je fais un truc de travers.

EN// I've got a problem. I love too many styles, too many things. I am plural.
And I often think that it is much easier to move calmly, efficiently when you have a particular style. Such an Interest that we stick to it. And so, the quality follows quickly when we evolve along a specific thing.
     If I followed my desires, I would learn how to code for 2 days, then 2 days every tips Illustrator, then 2 days to tatoo, then 2 days to observe Astronomical data, then 2 days to make a piece of furniture, then 2 days to run an  editorial
shooting, then 2 days to build a beautiful book, etc ..

      So when creative workshops begin with:
identify your style, what makes you unique, I think I might do something wrong.

Dessin pour le Draw on Monday sur la fashion week

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  1. There's nothing wrong with having many interests and loving a lot of styles and many things. I think most people are the cookie cutter cliche, and it's a breath of fresh air when you meet someone who is so versatile and interesting in what they want and what they do. So, don't worry about it, this is how you evolve and become a real person! ^_^ And this is why I liiiiike you! :D

    1. Thanks Katerina! Why do our brain think so much may be the first question to this thoughts hehe! It's not really effective to be so versatile professionaly speaking, but humanly speaking, it feels good so f.yeah, you're right! :p


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