"Beauty in insanity"


          Les blogs que je suis assidument ne sont pas si nombreux. Un bon indicateur étant que je connais leur nom (à une lettre près parfois, j'avoue).

          Il y a quelques temps, j'ai croisé la route de Beauty in Insanity, et son auteur, Keit, est vraiment attachante. Elle partage sa façon de penser, son rapport au quotidien, ses petits bonheurs ou ses angoisses en quelques lignes qui à chaque fois m’amènent à penser à ma propre approche des choses. Voici quelques croquis réalisés sur un carnet pas top, d'après ses chouettes photos.
EN// There aren't so many blogs I follow assiduously. A good indicator is that I know their names.
Some times ago I crossed Beauty in Insanity, and its author, Keit is really endearing. She shares her way of thinking, her almost daily report on small joys and anxieties in a few lines that, each time, lead me to think about my own approach to things. Here are some sketches made on a pretty bad sketchbook, from her lovely photos.

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  1. Oh my! This is so perfect! I just saw your comment on the bloggy, I'm so happy right now! Not just because of your awesome drawing skills, but because of the kind words as well. It really warms my heart to know someone out there finds my blog interesting. When you put your heart into something and people like it, it's worth everything! ^_^ You're awesome! And thank you for the drawing, I love it so much!


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